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This isn't a compehensive changelog, but just a quick overview of what we've done:

• Added compatibility with latest Firefox versions (14+)
• Redesigned the UI based on Microsoft web apps such as so that it feels more at home inside a browser tab
• Redesigned the icons and whatnot to fit the new UI
• Removed Rainbow tabs (will be coming back better than ever)
• Titlechanged pinned tabs (the ones that notify you when their content has changed, like your email web app) no longer get coloured

Now the cool new stuff that we are working on:

Today I made each toolbar button icon into a vector SVG and we are working on replacing the default PNG icons with these vectorised ones. What that means for you is, you will be able to colour your icons as you would any other element! With colour sliders and all; it should be really cool.

We keep getting all this hate on the AMO site from these AnyColor users. The problem is, AnyColor (an add-on that colours different parts of the browser) isn't supported anymore and so Mozilla put a link to our add-on in the description. Now all the AnyColor users are giving us bad reviews and general hate comments, saying Colorlicious isn't AnyColor and can't replace it.

Firstly, that is and never was our goal. We didn't even know AnyColor existed. I won't go into all the boring details about what makes the two add-ons different, but the important thing to remember is we have different goals and a lot of the stuff we do is technically harder to achieve.

Anyway, to soften up the haters we have decided to add a few more features to Colorlicious that were in some form available in AnyColor. We don't have specifics yet but options will hopefully include the ability to change text colour (can't promise this) and the ability to change the window colour (for dialog boxes and such). Textfield colouring and other stuff may be on the table too.

So that's what's going on in SoapySpew land at the moment.
link6155 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Can't wait to see this in action :D
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October 25, 2012


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